To Be A Grandchild

What can I say, after you loose someone you finally see everything they meant to you. My grandmother was every bit of sunshine, the kind that warms your soul, and makes you feel the peace people are only granted at very special moments in their lives. She radiated this kind of peace; the way you feel when you are safe, warm, and at home.  She had this way of tilting her head slightly to the side, and giving you this gentle smile that softened your entire soul.

My grandfather could fix anything, and did. He was especially good at fixing me. He was simple, and was always on my side, and no matter what happened, I knew someone was hoping the best would find me. He had so much patience, strength, and honor. He saw what needed to be done, and did it. He could work all day, and come home and lay there for hours while I played dolls on his belly, rumbling when he laughed.

I am so proud to be their grandchild.

I photographed a few of the things that said something about them.