The Beauty Inside & Out

Most people look at themselves differently than the world views them, we tend to be more critical of ourselves, forgetting the beauty that actually exists. As a photographer, I am sensitive to the things people do and do not like about themselves, and almost 100% of the time, I am left baffled as to why they did not like this particular attribute, often an insecurity from early childhood they are still coping with. I genuinely fall in love with the people I photograph, and admire all the little things distinguishing who they are. I hope with all my heart, my client recognizes the same beauty I found in them. Our personal perception of the world around us is unique, and allows us to live meaningful, wonderful lives, and loving the vessel in which we experience it with is critical. Start inside, and work your way out; you may just find out how brilliantly beautiful you really are. 


There was a girl who looked at herself deeply,

Observing every crack, every scar, every wrinkle.

She hated those little lines jetting from her eyes.

She wished her eyes were a little lighter,

Or a little darker.

She wished, she dreamed, she hoped.

One day, she noticed a woman from a distance.

She adored her contagious smile,

Creases forming in her cheeks when she laughed.

The woman's eyes lit up with excitement,

Shining with their own life.

She realized these lines, these scars, these wrinkles,

Were her own story, her own ode to time.

An ode to her, and everything she was.

And, She loved herself a little more that day.


Woman are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of woman around the world consider themselves beautiful. Dove (as am I) is commited to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. They performed a social experiement, exploring how woman view their own beauty in contrast to what othere see, watch the video and see what happens.