robbie + caitlin

Caitlin called and said, "Jo, I need you to do a photo shoot for us...tomorrow." Things have been very busy, but it just so happened I did have some time, and Caitlin had given me one of my favorite paintings now hanging above my bed, and it was time to return the favor. There was only one catch, Caitlin had been designing the clothes Robbie is currently wearing in the photographs below and needed to submit the photographs to various style blogs the following day. This was not to my surprise, Caitlin and I are both artists, and sometimes things just have to be done last minute, so we did it! This is one photographic couple, and I would love for you to get to know them better. Caitlin and Robbie also go by "Hue & Hum." Hue, because Caitlin is a phenomenal painter, and Hum, because Robbie is an oh so talented musician in the band known as FICTIONIST.  His band is currently in the running for being on the cover of The Rolling Stone, so take seconds of your life, and go give them a 5 STAR rating and get these lovely sounding guys on the front cover please and thank you!