Rethinking our Thoughts

Ever since I shared the latest Dove inspiration (a few posts below) exploring how woman view their own beauty, I have engaged in various discussions regarding self image, and how imporatant it is to have balance when we view ourselves. Anytime we view ourselves on the outside, we have to understand how the inside is working, our thoughts, and our hearts. I have a very good friend who is a personal trainer, people pay her money to drill them into shape, sometimes we all need someone like that in our lives; but, she has started to notice each person she trains has an underlying motive and, be it your run of the mill "I want to fit into my old jeans", or perhaps an eating disorder, maybe a recent struggle or a reoccuring once since they were little. Recoginizing if she was going to help someone have a better view of their body, she would need to start from the inside where all of those thoughts and feelings originate.

When an issue presents itself in my day, I immediately ask myself two questions: "When is the last time I ate" and "When is the last time I got outside and got my heart pumping?" After I can say I have eaten something, and have moved my body a bit, I revist the problem. The problem still exists, but I have a completely different mind in which to deal with the particular problem at hand. If I try and deal with an issue in a foul mood, I tend to get stuck, and am much harder on myself, often seeing the world with a hopeless lens vs. one filled with motivation, energy, and strength. Set yourself up for success! I wanted to share a new Magazine, DARLING MAGAZINE, full of inspiration from woman who are undergoing the same obstacles, and are quite lovely about it. Below is their mission statement, and I think it is something of beauty. Check them out :)

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