Remember to Say Thank You

The wedding day can be absolutely crazy, even for the bride and groom planning every detail to the nines. Finding the time to sincerely show your gratefulness to the supportive friends and family who have been there for wedding madness; not to mention, relationship highs and lows, can prove difficult, but they deserve a little extra thought, and this particular thoughtfulness, can be forethought. You are the Star of your big day, but I am guessing some very special people put in a phenomenal amount of time to make your day what it is, and after all their hard work, they disappear into the shadows allowing you to shine extra bright. Start your life off together with class; I would suggest writing a few heartfelt Thank You's to slip to loved ones, recognizing what they did for the two of you, before jumping into your getaway carriage. People are there because they love you, but they do not have to like you, and your wedding day may have stressed out a few people you love dearly.

In addition to cute little Thank You cards, I also suggest doing something a little above and beyond for your parents; I recommend a Brag Book (a hand-held accordion style booklet) of your engagement photos, giving them something special to take home with them, while you take off and start a new part of your life. You know your parents best, but I assure you, I have not met a parent who wants less photographs of their children! This way they have something to put up right away.

Here is a list to consider for Special Thank You's

You can decide when to give out your Thank You's, but doing so, will generate respect, and good vibes! People will not hesitate to help out the new couple in the future. It does not have to be expensive to say Thank you, just make sure you do!