I have some friends who make music, music that explodes from their brains. I remember laying around many moons ago, resting my eyes to the melodies these boy would make, jamming to the wee hours of the morning. They were not playing anything in particular most of the time, just playing to play whatever it was they felt at the time. They always talked about being a band, but it always seemed like it would be so far in the future before they would have the chance to do it. Well, it is the future, and they have a band, and they are playing such a amazing tunes, I am so proud of them. Their dreams are happening, and that is a special thing, and makes life that much more brilliant. Listen to them, you will not be mad you did. Yes sir, nothing but happy!


New Album Release: Basic//Complex - Feb. 1st - Velour Live Music Gallery

This is a Tiny Teaser of what is Coming