Welcome to "Movember," a month long growing of an honest and true mustache to create awareness and funds for men's health issues, like prostate cancer! I know, I know, how could this much fun be contained in one month, on one spot of the male face, and is this even a real thing? It is VERY real people, so real you can wiki it, and I am about to give you the official rules...

1. You must begin the 1st of November with a clean shaven face. (I know, it is the 7th, but go for it anyway)
2. You grow/groom a moustache for the entire month of November.
3. No joining of the mo to your sideburns.
4. No joining of the handlebars to your chin (that is considered a goatee).
5. You must conduct yourself as a true country gentleman. ( I am not positive what this means, but I think I like the sound of it)

Given I am a female, and by the grace of the good Lord I unfortunately am unable to grow a thick patch of hair under my nose and above my upper lip, but that will not stop me from trying, nor should it deter you!! That being said, I would be happy to put a mustache on any photo for you to post to any profile you choose, and promote this great cause!

Here is a supply of current mustaches to choose from...

Just send a photo to and the number of the mustache of preference. I will smack one of these babies on your photo and send it right back, and you can post it to fb and support half of the population. Grow your mustache, or have me put a fake one on you!! I even do cats, dogs, and rockers!

- J