M + A in Jamaica

Have you ever been the Maid of Honor, ring bearer, designer, and photographer? well I may have checked off all four off in one punch. It went a little something like this... a nice leisure walk down the aisle, someone quickly tosses me a camera, I shoot, shoot, shoot. I get close, I get way back, and then run  down the aisle, just in time to place the ring in the bride's hand to give to her one and only. Then, back out to shooting, a quick camera hand off, sign the witness papers, and then back to photographing. I am certain the priest was saying something beautiful because everyone was crying. A beachfront wedding brought a few bystanders, who were on their afternoon stroll along the shoreline, they were tearing up as well. I am sure they found it interesting to see a flash of coral dancing all over the beach. Even though, I could not hear all the words being said, Mat and Amanda had the biggest smiles on their faces. Here is a glimpse of Jamaica.

 In addition to photographing this lovely wedding, I also designed the Welcome Package.

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