Happy New Year!

The Holiday was a busy time, mostly busy being happy, and with my family. It was one of my all time favorite Christmas seasons to date. New Years Eve, I was feeling a tad under the weather and a very good friend joined me in our attempt to stay in and recover, instead of going out and dancing our socks off Forcing ourselves to stay home, we reflected on our last year, and I am so grateful I was able to sit with myself and good friend and think about the many things that happened in 2012, and got excited for 2013. I sincerely think it will be a fantastic year, mostly because I will make it happen.

I am not huge on resolutions, mostly because they terrify me for many reasons. I have been a person who makes lists, and immediately rebels against them, a personal problem. Anybody else with me on this? Well, I figured it was time to resolve to not be terrified of resolve, and make a few thought filled goals. Once upon a time this last year, I began a self portrait project, getting inspired to begin a years worth of portraits. I was inspired during a hard night, and I was in need of serious comfort, and so I just began photographing myself, and hit the shutter button until well after sunset. I was in a dark moment, so I photographed myself in the darkness. I kept photographing until I felt better that evening, it was like a good cry, I just had released everything that was holding me under. This was a trying month in itself, so I decided to keep going, and make an image every day until I started to feel better. The idea bloomed, and I intended to keep going with it for an entire year, but I just stopped randomly on day 21. This was interesting because people say it takes three weeks to form a habit, or get through something. Two months later, I met a new friend and we discussed the 365 days of images and self portrait idea, and he got a dreamy look in his eye about it. Apparently, he could not stop thinking about it for months and contacted me a few days ago, inquiring if I would be starting this 365 days project. I honestly had not thought about it a ton, but I replied with, "Yes I am!" There you have it, I guess I am going for it, and I do expect it to be challenging, and will force me to sit with myself, but it will also force me to think creatively about things everyday and I think my mind could always use a good dose of being crafty.

Here is the beginning..


Sick, but getting some fresh air.


My body is still recovering, but the warmth of a yoga class seemed like a good remedy.

Did I mention, I would love for anyone to participate with me, start whenever you feel works for you. It definietely does not have to the first day of the year to begin something new.