A Mountain Man Rendezous

 The Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous (RMNR) is an annual celebration of life on the pre-1840 American Western frontier. It is part re-enactment and part living history, based on the fur-trade rendezvous held in the Rocky Mountains.

There were many who brought various instruments to play throughout the day to the people passing by to the trade market. Everyone in their own world, in their own time. It was lovely to hear all the instruments I do not hear on a normal basis. There was a wonderful jammin' band in the evening where people gathered around a fire to sing and dance. It was brilliant. Many people passed the time by making beautiful bead necklaces and showing off their beautiful, tedious work to others around the camp.

One moment of sweet goodness was meeting the "Pickle Lady." She brings manna from heaven in small jars filled with pickles. Her bread and butter pickles are such sweet nectar, an ambrosia you will want for all your sandwiches. We knew we would have to make a visit to the "Pickle Lady." When we finally came to the last pickle from last year's pickle jar we poured the pickle juice into small bowls to dip our sandwiches in, such a delicacy. These fabulous pickles from the pickle-angel-lady were opened immediatly upon our return to our camp and everyone had sandwiches made with such great love.