Photo Field Trip

Extremely last minute, I was able to attend Photo Field Trip, a magical land just north of Santa Barbara, were hundreds of creatives met, got crafty, learned from each other, and danced the nights away in the forest! It was overcast and raining almost the entire weekend, but did we let a little rain (okay, maybe a lot) stop us? Certainly not, could not dream of it! 

Our last full day was by far my favorite, I woke up early to catch a morning yoga session, listening to the rain roar and beat on the tent was quite mesmerizing, and allowed the thoughts in my head to be a little more mellow. My body was awake and alive, so I did a nice run from our camp to the ocean, the air was fresh from the rain, and made it difficult to let it end attend a class. I did, but the rain lightened after lunch, so I made my way back to ocean and spent three hours photographing walk-bys and watching the waves crash harshly on the rocky beach. The sun decided to show it's face an hour before it rested, and I could not get enough of it's light, literally I was scrambling like mad because everywhere I turned, there was something infinitely gorgeous begging for a photograph, I had to oblige!  Here is a little taste of my weekend! 


Also was able to watch some of the cute belt making action happen. Crafty little buggers. 

Also, let your ears listen to Dallas Clayton, you will not be made you did! He had an interesting perspective on being endless creators not matter our age. Our dreams should only get bigger as we go! 


 A strong desire or impulse to wander, travel, and explore the world.

For the first months of our lives, we are perfectly content being swaddled in the arms of our mother's then something happens, we begin to walk, and this is where things get really interesting. It is mind blowing how quickly a tiny tot can conquer the vastness of a room, scale the bookshelf, and snatch that irresistible, shiny object dangling high on the wall. We were natural explorers, treasure seekers, and aww gazers who most likely preferred to do all expeditions and plundering in the nude (you know who who you are). The truth is, we are perma-seekers, and the tendency to run wild and free still pitter-patter in the hearts of us all, instigating a moment we have to see more, do more, and feel more. Our sense of wanderlust instills an inclination to experience what is around the corner, to scribble your name in the sand, and try something out of your comfort zone. It makes us run faster, climb higher, and breathe deeper, a feeling only satiated through true adventure!