We are beyond excited to host this new workshop series NOMADIC BOSS.

Have you ever been to a workshop where your instructor bogarted most of your precious time with at least a 30 minute pitch deck about how awesome they are? #weaintgottimeforthat | This can be infuriating, and lucky for you, we already know we are awesome and want to focus on you. 

Nomadic Boss is designed to help you develop and process your ideas by implementing a few basic things: 

  1. Thinking through ideas
  2. Use actual movment to give life to your ideas
  3. Learn to create bravely
  4. Move with intention 
  5. Generate strategy and move ideas from mind to market
  6. Eat delicious food
  7. Make great friends and collaborate

This workshop is action packed and loaded with tools you get to use and take home. Nomadic Boss is for ALL LEVELS!! You are valuable and you bring something to the table that no else can. Come and meet new people, build your ideas and business, be brave and expand your voice, recharge, and have fun.